Professional Bookkeeping.

Full-Service Professional Bookkeeping – Our bookkeeping processes are flexible and customizable to fit any organization. We are able to take your company and break down processes, resulting in accurate and timely financial statements that are simple and easy to understand. Looking at a financial report will no longer mean seeing a page with jumbled information you don’t understand. We make sure each of our clients has a thorough understanding of their financial statements as well as the ability to analyze the data. This allows them to make timely and informed financial decisions. We recommend all our businesses employ our professional bookkeeping services, as they include full-service tax integration. This means we can advise you throughout the year on optimizing your tax liability so there are no surprises come tax time!

Bookkeeping Review – Do you regret hiring a bookkeeper or professional accountant to pay bills, enter journal entries and/or provide financial information to you or your CPA? Unfortunately, it is very common for businesses to hire a bookkeeper and assume they know what they are doing. This assumption could be costing you thousands of dollars without your knowledge. A bookkeeper review is an easy way to make sure your books accurately reflect how your business is doing. This is a very simple process, and a service every small business should employ on an annual basis.

CFO Services.

Part of Your Management Team – Our CPAs have decades of experience working with and for companies from small startups to companies with billion dollar revenues. They have also worked in several different industries and in several different financial environments, including companies operating on limited budgets and those with excess cash to be invested and managed on a daily basis. This experience, combined with the teamwork that CPAs at JL Wennes pride themselves on, lend to them being a huge asset on your management team. These services include, but are not limited to, presenting and reporting timely and accurate financial information, treasury duties, assessment of risk and liquidity, economic strategy and forecasting, budgeting and dealing with staffing issues.

Internal Process Review – The most important thing you can do for your business is to protect its financial integrity. As the owner, partner or shareholder of a business you, need to make sure processes are in place that protect you and the financial assets of your company. The Internal Process Review involves an analysis of your internal controls and separation of duties to help prevent an internal financial loss from occurring. An Internal Process Review is the correct first step in preventing a worst-case financial scenario.

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Entity Formation.

Sole Proprietor, Partnership, LLC, Corporation? – Are you contemplating what type of entity your business should be? Whether you are a new business just starting out or are a staple in your community, having been in business for years, we can help you with this decision by providing information on the pros and cons of each entity type as well as an analysis of which will be best for you personally. Once we weigh the options and you make a decision, we will walk you through each of the steps necessary to turn your goals into accomplishments.

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Business Consulting.

Strategic Planning – Whether you are looking for a business entry plan, exit plan or a plan to take over and revolutionize your industry, you will greatly benefit from our strategic planning sessions. Our experience with businesses varying in size and within several industries gives us the skill to approach your business plan with an open mind that allows us to help you make decisions to give you the competitive edge. We look for the most financially responsible opportunities for your business to save money while taking a proactive look at how you can sustain success for decades to come.

Quarterly Management Meetings – While it’s important to have a good foundation when it comes to your business, sometimes success begins at the top. We offer quarterly management meetings to keep your management team in the know when it comes to your financial plans and projections. During these meetings, we consult your management team on ways to make the company more successful, organized and prepared for the future. Meetings are held quarterly as company goals change quickly and drastically. We make sure that no matter the situation your business is in, you never feel in over your head when making financial decisions.

Annual Minutes – Many small business owners fail to see the importance in tracking their minutes annually. Corporate annual minutes are vital to ensure that your business remains a legal entity. We assist in correctly documenting your company’s decisions and action items so that you can carry on business as usual. We keep you compliant with state and federal law and help you to understand exactly what is needed in order to do so.