Tax Planning and Compliance – Tax season can be stressful on anyone in charge of their or their businesses’ finances. We take the terror out of tax time by preparing your taxes promptly and professionally, taking the time to be sure that you get maximum deductions and that, in the end, your taxes are successfully submitted in compliance with state and federal laws. At JL Wennes, our customers are much more than just a number. We are devoted to assisting our clients in not only preparing their taxes, but understanding them, too. Stress a little bit less next tax season.

Tax Consulting and Projections – When it comes to tax preparation, it’s not just today that matters, but the future, too. We offer a full look at your taxes, learning from the past to benefit you in the present and future. We aim to give you the most accurate look at your financial situation as possible, helping you to plan for the future and make more educated decisions in order to contribute to both professional and personal growth. We help to put your mind at ease and avoid unforeseen situations that could end up costing you.

Tax Return Review – If you prepare your taxes on your own or have them prepared by an accountant whose accuracy you question, it is good practice to do a tax return review. We will review your prepared taxes and let you know if they are being prepared correctly. We will also let you know if you can take advantage of more deductions. We recommend everyone have a tax review every 3 years. By having your taxes reviewed every 3 years, you will be sure to stay within the IRS statute of limitations for claiming refunds. So in the event we find errors or additional deductions for you, you will still have time to amend your returns in order to claim a refund. The biggest benefit to your tax return review, however, will be the peace of mind that comes from know your taxes are being prepared correctly and that you aren’t paying more than you have to.