How do I view my refund and where can I make a payment?

Please use the IRS (Federal) and Franchise Tax Board (State) links below:

How do you charge?

We keep our pricing simple and fair with the intent of creating a mutually beneficial, long lasting relationship with each of our clients. For a personalized price quote or to have any questions answered, e-mail us at or call the office at (760) 931-8181.

Are you available to answer questions electronically?

Absolutely! Technology is created to make our lives easier, and we want you to be able to reach out to us in any way that is convenient to you. We are happy to answer your questions electronically. You can simply send your questions to

How far ahead do I need to schedule an appointment to visit your office?

We do our best to accommodate your schedule, but our ability to schedule time with you depends on the day, week and time of year. We are often able to schedule consultations on the same day or day following you contacting us. However, during the busier parts of the year, you will want to call at least one or two weeks in advance in order to secure your preferred appointment time.

How long will it take to prepare my taxes?

This question is hard to answer depending on the complexity of your taxes and the time of year you come in. In general, you can expect your return to be completed within the time frame of 2-3 weeks. However, we do have the option of rush service for an additional fee if you are trying to meet a deadline.

How often do you recommend meeting to discuss taxes?

For individuals we like to meet once during tax time and once mid-year to make sure you are on track. For your convenience, these meetings can be done via phone, Zoom call, or in-person. We like to meet with our business clients at least quarterly to check in on their progress.

Why should I choose your firm?

We’re a small firm looking to make a big difference. We know the only way to provide outstanding knowledge and customer service to our clients is by having the time to do so.  We’ve chosen to remain a small firm, focusing on the North County San Diego, so that each of our clients is given the time and dedication they deserve. Want to check us out? Please click here to see our reviews on Google. 

Are you available outside of tax season?

Absolutely!  It is important to us that we be able to service your needs year-round.  Our office is open normal business hours throughout the year.

What steps do I need to take if I’m switching from another accountant?

We make this process, which can seem overwhelming, as seamless as possible. Please make sure you have either paper or electronic copies of at least 2 years worth of tax returns from your prior accountant and we should be all set.

What should I bring to my tax appointment?

You will want to bring in every tax document you receive at year end including.   Please e-mail if you need a tax organizer.  If you are a new client, please use, JL Wennes Tax Document List.

If you itemize deductions please also bring in:

  • Property tax statements
  • Proof of charitable donations
  • Mortgage interest statements
  • Amounts of any significant medical expenses or unreimbursed employee expenses you had during the year

During your appointment and/or review of your return, we will go over any additional deductions that may pertain to you at which time we may request other supporting documentation for you to e-mail or bring in.

What separates you from other accountants?

Our clients are most pleasantly surprised by how different we are from the stereotypical CPA. We have been referred to as easy and approachable, full of knowledge but not intimidating.

When do I pay?

Tax and consulting clients pay for services upon completion. Bookkeeping and other clients are billed according to a pre-arranged schedule depending on the frequency of work being performed.

How long have you been practicing?

Janet has been in the accounting field for over 20 years. She is in the prime of her accounting career, drawing from several years of experience while still remaining highly motivated to stay up to date with industry trends and constant tax law changes.

Other documents you may need:

JL Wennes 2022 Corporate Engagement Letter

JL Wennes Tax Document List

JL Wennes 2022 Individual Engagement Letter